But always

But always Most of children adapted to a high security as they could drink enough milk not to feel hungry within the next hours; so usually also the digestive tract of the newborn works.

The person quickly gets used to everything at any age.

If to feed us always in precisely determined hours, in these hours we also will feel hungry.

But always there were children it was very difficult for them to adapt to a high security in the first months.

These children, whose stomachs could not keep the amount of milk sufficient for a onehour break, or what fell asleep, without having managed to be sated, either uneasy children, or such which were tormented by gases.

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Other percent

Other percent Quite optimistical picture, isn't that so?

But, unfortunately, at the same time, only percent of young people at the age of years can tell that they entrusted the life to Christ or consider themselves as Christians though to some extent.

Other percent will hardly sometime find belief in church and the Lord in Whom their parents believe.

Why it occurs?

Why less and less young people remain believers?

To me it is thought that answers to these questions should be looked for in education methods.

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The teacher, without

The teacher, without Unfortunately, once on Sunday Mike and still the bright boy too loudly stirred and laughed during occupations.

The teacher, without reflecting, punished them, having locked one in the room and having forced to write Honor the father and the mother hundreds of times, so far, at last, them parents did not get out.

Senselessness and insensibility of this unfair and humiliating punishment led to drama consequences.

It caused such anger, pain and disgust in the boy that Mike began to be hostile to everything that is connected with spiritual life.

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Diapers have

Diapers have If you want to use diapers both as towel, and as bedsheets and to erase them every other day or through two, to you, perhaps, twice more their quantity is required.

Diapers have to be rather big size х cm.

Sweaters and sleeping bags.

Buy them at once the big size.

Sweaters and jackets have to have rather big opening for the head or they have to be clasped on buttons on a shoulder as children very much do not like to put on and take off clothes through the head.

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And what

And what Kind.

And what was a wolf?


Give to each child the picture Kind goat and an angry wolf see fig.


Suggest to find an angry wolf and a kind goat.

Consider each image.

Ask to call mimicry components the frowned eyebrows, evil eyes, a smile.

Tell rules of the game: Here two rims.

On the first gray ears, they wolf.

When I speak: Wolf!

, it is necessary to take a hat of a wolf, to put on it and to represent a terrible and angry wolf.

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It is a sound

It is a sound It was pleasant to the Fungus as the Elephant performed his tasks, and decided to send with the Elephant of the assistant.

It is a sound which is heard in the words Lamp, a stick, a table.

That it for sound?

The child answers.

There is an Elephant a sound l on the wood, cones, branches are kicked: plaploplu; kluklykla; tlatlytle; slesluslo.

The child pronounces syllabic chains, serially clicking fingers.

On Slon Road met gnomes.

They assemble the train, to let it by the forest railroad.

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You can strengthen

You can strengthen This method of impact on teenagers is quite sharp and can be applied only as the last resort in difficult circumstances.

However teenagers need to know that the main desire of their parents to prepare them for responsible and independent adult life, but not to hold them near itself.

You can strengthen the teenager in this knowledge for only some days.

For example, opening of its personal bank account, monthly transfer there means, training in an expenditure of money excellent ways to strengthen spirit of cooperation between you and your teenager, together to go to finding of independence by it.

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