Extremely Believe, the mentally retarded child same, as all other children.

Watch it to understand that gives it pleasure.

Buy to it toys for game of the house and on the street which you consider useful.

Help it to make friends with whom he with pleasure will play whenever possible every day.

Teach it to do everything that he tries to comprehend.

Extremely important to define it in the corresponding class.

If there is a suspicion on intellectual inferiority of the child, it is necessary to consult to the psychiatrist or the psychologist, resolving an issue of education of the child.

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The child

The child Or such, desired for us, parents, and passion of the child so rare today to reading.

Be not under a delusion: sometimes reading becomes purely mechanical process at the child; he as Gogol Parsley reads because that it is pleasant to him as small letters in words develop, and the sense read escapes or at all to it is not interesting.

The child reads everything newspapers, dictionaries, textbooks.

Such reading has even designation on a vernacular an avid reading symptom.

Also it is a symptom of serious mental violation.

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It is better, than

It is better, than The child is already rather frightened of own thoughts.

Stop being at war with it concerning food or wet panties.

Achieve good behavior by means of severity and sequence.

It is better, than to allow the child to make a bad act, and then to shame and reproach it for it.

The child takes threat especially hard that you stop loving him if he behaves badly.

Try to provide to the child rich, interesting life and daily society of other children.

The more it is absorbed by games and plans for the future, the less he will think of the internal fears.

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The matter

The matter Here also there came the most right moment for David's education.

There was also other reason for which I rejoiced when his anger came to light.

The matter is that the more anger it will be splashed out in words, the less it remains to be shown then through lie, theft, sex, drugs and all other examples of the passive and aggressive behavior which is so extended today.

Colleagues parents!

I know that it is hard to acquire it and that at this stage you can have serious questions.

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Possibly, the main

Possibly, the main He tries to get rid such thoughts after all his father after all much more strongly and more, than it, but these thoughts again come to him in a dream.

Possibly, the main reason of bad dreams which often torment boys at this age, the mixed feeling of love, jealousy and fear in relation to the father is.

Similarly developing normally little girl has proprietary feelings in relation to the father.

Sometimes she wants that something happened to mother whom she loves that the father belonged only to it.

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Our following

Our following Our following step: let's wonder, whether contact of an eye in eyes is necessary to this child, whether there is at it a need for physical contact, whether it is necessary to concentrate on it close attention?

Well, whether its emotional tank is devastated and whether it is time to fill up it?

We, parents, have to be sure that if the bad behavior of the kid though is to some extent caused by needs of the child that is listed above, we have to satisfy them first of all.

Carrying out properly the parental responsibilities, we should not continue to correct behavior of the child before we help it that is vital for it and it is necessary.

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Periodically Within one period of wakefulness of toys should not be much: the abundance of impressions conducts to overfatigue, excessive excitement of the child.

Periodically toys should be changed that also maintains activity and prevents emergence of exhaustion.

Purchase of toys.

In months the child struck in the hanging subject in search of new feelings, then it was enough at once to thrust into a mouth.

In months it attentively gets acquainted with a subject.

Before putting a rattle in a mouth, the child within minutes shakes it, twirls, brings to the person, in detail studies and only then pulls in a mouth fig.

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