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It is too narrow

It is too narrow Usually consider that sexual education is a lecture at school or serious conversation with parents of the house.

It is too narrow approach to a problem of sexual education.

The child learns about various vital things throughout all the life.

If children do not learn it in an amicable way, they learn it in the unhealthy way.

Sexual education is much broader, than a question of that, from where there are children.

It includes questions of relationship of men and women and of their corresponding appointment in lives.

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It even is more

It even is more Similarly it is necessary to approach and those children who are included into the first group.

It even is more applicable to them.

They are so inclined to have sense of guilt that the rigid, authoritative relation can do them real harm, such which will prevent them to learn to think and make decisions independently.

These all denying children Allow me to tell you about very difficult, selfconfident people of the average years entering into the second group who found Christ only recently.

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She realized

She realized And Jennifer, unfortunately, as many girls at teenage age, tried to replace love to the father with attention of boys.

Jennifer acted according to subconsciousness of her mother, her nonverbal instructions.

Mother realized own unhappy family life which led to the unsuccessful sexual relations with the spouse.

She realized warm proximity of the daughter with the father.

But she did not realize all power of jealousy of Jennifer, the influence on sexual behavior of the daughter.

In such cases it is useless and extremely harmfully to reproach each family member especially mother with mistakes and the wrong behavior.

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