An onanism

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An onanism or hitting it on a hand, or drawing aside his hand, thereby you only kindle his obstinacy.

An onanism in years a consequence of sincere experiences of the child.

Children from to years surprisingly adult in many respects.

They love, strongly and romantically, people close to them, especially parents.

As it is now established, at this age children test similarity of a sexual inclination that is an important step of normal development of the child was considered earlier that anything similar does not occur to teenage age.

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Both parents, and teenagers

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Both parents, and teenagers And though to this age the majority of traits of character and style of behavior of the teenager are already partially created, all of them still can change.

Both parents, and teenagers should not miss this time, strengthening favorable lines and whenever possible correcting the undesirable.

COMMITMENT One of the most important aspects of the identity of the teenager is degree of its focus.

Anybody and furthermore the teenager, cannot reach in it perfection.

Some people are too purposeful, they direct all the efforts and abilities to achievement desirable, whether it be good marks at examinations, the diploma of university or money, excluding thus from the life such not less important things as entertainments, rest and private life.

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Let him cry, do not approach

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Let him cry, do not approach Such situation irritates and exhausts both the child, and parents see also section .

In the majority a case to recover from this habit very simply.

The child has to get used to that shout in the middle of the night he will achieve nothing.

Let him cry, do not approach him in general.

In the first night he can cry minutes though this time will seem to you eternity, in the next night he will cry minutes ten, and in the third, perhaps, at all will not wake up.

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! After all also

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! After all also!

After all also you will not find a such second fox!

And the mouse under an oven in a mink drozhmya shivers.

To it the cat robber seems: Well and the fat cat was!

From where such undertook?


Glazishchi, usishch what!

Lapishchey it as attracted me I thought, death to me!

How it I from it, from such also was left?


And hare greyish in the wood came running, under a bush was slaughtered, lies, is afraid to sigh, and itself broods: Hunters as trapped me!

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But when

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But when If the father died or does not communicate with the daughter, the girl should look for other males suitable for this role to satisfy emotional need for communication with the father.

But when the father has harmonious relations with the daughter, he appears the main character which can help the daughter to be prepared for youth in respect of understanding of the female essence.

What huge responsibility lays down on the father's shoulders!

The father helps the daughter to develop about himself good opinion that he approves her.

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Whether your

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Whether your Whether your child by heart can learn and tell some short poems?

Whether correctly it uses nouns in the speech, that is whether it changes them to numbers for example, a cat and cats, to childbirth a cat and a cat, cases gave to a cat, call a cat, where a cat?

Whether your child or better still, the whole words is able to spell?

Whether your child consistently to call figures is able to count up to ten and back?

May he solve simple problems on subtraction or addition of unit?

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