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Heatspots The senior child and at the adult can have a headache and a general malaise a day before emergence of rash.

But the small child does not notice such symptoms.

In the beginning temperature almost normal, but can will increase in the next days.

One children feel not bad throughout all disease and temperature does not rise higher than °.

Other children feel bad and they have a high temperature.

Heatspots usually itch.

Need to call the doctor for establishment of the diagnosis and treatment if the child has a rash and temperature or if he badly feels chicken pox can easily be confused with smallpox and other children's diseases.

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It is more

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It is more In these charges there is an element of truth.

But if children unanimously aspire to something, we are compelled to recognize that it has for them some positive, constructive value.

It is more reasonable to try to give them that they want, in the best form, but we will achieve nothing if we gasp and cackle as nervous hens.

Children of all age are full of noble aspirations to great causes which as it seems to them, adults make.

At early age it is rather simple to them to copy occupations of adults: to drive trains, to play doctors, etc.

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It occurs

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It occurs Snachalapodrostok can seem to you already adult, and in a minute he will behave as the small child.

It occurs because that before it begins the life, separate of parents, and will become independent, it has to clear, so to speak, the past of problems and the conflicts, especially with parents.

When Carrie was years old, once I noticed that she treats me with irritation and some hostility.

I asked it: Darling tell me, what I made, what upset or offended you?

Without hesitation she reminded me of a case which occurred years ago!

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Did not disturb

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Did not disturb To the husband for sixty, he almost all the year round will see off at dacha: adores digging in the earth, incredibly is proud of own vegetables and fruit, prepares them for the winter the word, with everything it is happy, does not demand anything from the wife, does not prevent to be engaged in affairs.

Did not disturb till some time also the younger daughter.

However recently got out of hand: is rude, is secretive, shirks school, drags money from the house, all the time is torn to the street.

To me with you houses stuffy!

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The most

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The most The probability is very great that it will become socially dangerous.

Such children are less sensitive and inclined to accuse others.

Therefore it is difficult for them to have sense of guilt.

And sense of guilt is necessary for development of normal conscientiousness.

To us, to parents, it is not necessary to facilitate at all sense of guilt which they can for some reason test.

The most effective way to eradicate sense of guilt seriously to punish.

When the child sincerely feels guilty for the wrong behavior, punishment and especially such punishment when punish all for offense of one, will destroy all remorse.

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Therefore Only after the second inoculation it reaches the degree ensuring safety.

Therefore is useless to begin an inoculation after the child dangerously wounds himself.

In this case the child needs to enter antitetanic serum.

So, in a year after an initial inoculation do to the child a repeated inoculation, then the inoculation is repeated by each years.

In addition to the main inoculation to the child enter antitetanic toxoid in case of dangerous wound.

This additional inoculation increases at once its immunity.

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